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Remote Support




    Download Our Remote Support Utility

    Before starting a remote session you MUST arrange an appointment with PCTECHS

    We offer support from any location without the need to be onsite or to have you bring it in.

    By logging into our backend portal to manage and modify your web and email hosting services.

    We can remotely monitor and maintain your network to keep it operational.


    Need an immediate solution to a simple problem? As long as there is a working internet connection, there is no need to wait for a tech to come out for a visit or take the time out of your busy day to drop off your devices at our fully equipped lab. we can simply connect to you from our end and resolve most issues you may have!

    How does remote support work?

    Remote support uses a simple program that allows our technicians to access your computer. In a remote session, we can control your mouse and keyboard and see what you see as if we’re sitting right there with you.

    What do I have to do to start a remote Support session?

    The first step is to arrange a time with our technicians. Then, at the arranged time, simply click on one of the icons above that correspond with your particular platform to initiate a remote support session and a tech will walk you through the process over the phone along the way.

    Are there any security concerns with the remote support utility?

    No. The remote support tool is a stand-alone program that only opens a connection for our techs when you allow it to. Even then, our techs would require your unique ID, which is provided by the program, in order to connect to your device. When the remote support session is completed, our tech will disconnect from your device and make sure that all issues are resolved before wrapping up.

    Can PCTechs access my computer without my knowledge using the remote support tool?

    No. Access is granted on a temporary basis only when you initiate the support session from your end and only once you provide the unique ID that the program displays. The support session can be terminated from your end at any time.