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    Our Trained Technicians can Protect and Backup Your Data.

    Your data is a very crucial part of your business and is also very personal. Making sure that the integrity and safety of your files are up to par is one of our top priorities. We make sure that you have multiple backups and recovery methods in place to prevent any data loss, and in the worst-case scenario, recover and restore that data as much as possible.

    Data Backups

    Making sure you have multiple copies of your data is imperative, in case of data loss.

    Cyber Security

    We engineer data backup & recovery solutions that perform data recovery and protect critical data from ransomware, malware and other malicious cyber attacks.

    Cloud & Hybrid Backup Services

    We develop robust cloud-based backup solutions housed in proprietary off-site data centers, colocation facilities, or a hybrid combination.

    Data Backup & Recovery Integrations

    We develop, implement and configure leading enterprise backup & recovery systems through Amazon Web Services

    How it's Done


    Backing up refers to making copies of files and databases to an alternate location for preservation in the case of equipment/software failure.


    Recovery is the recuperation of lost data and the re-implementation of that data back into your system/device.

    We Carry More Than Just Good business IT Services

    Protect Your Data Today!

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    Back up and recovery Service

    • Why keep all your eggs in one basket? We recommend a 3-hit method for data storage: Local (on your device), Local external (on a USB or external hard drive), and a cloud-based backup (such as OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc….). For business, we also recommend a local offsite backup ( stored in a location offsite and ideally not in the same province/city/state).
    • This precaution is taken in the off chance of a system or hardware/software failure!