remote support buttonNeed assistance right away? Get the PCTECHS remote support utility. Remote Support is the quickest way we can help you with your computer or laptops. Our remote connection is a licensed software that we used to connect to your computer in order for us to work on it as if we are sitting right in front of it. This allows our customers to get immediate help from our technical team on an urgent basis. We would only visit you or you would only bring your machines to our place if for some reason that we are unable to fix it remotely and we need to be physically present in front of your computer. For you convenience we have provided the Remote Support button on the top right corning of website that is visible on each page.

Remote support is available for both Windows and MAC computers and laptops. Click on the corresponding icon below to download the remote support utility.

Remote support for Windows Remote Support for


Remote support for MAC Remote Support for



Before starting a remote session you MUST arrange an appointment with PCTECHS 

Need a solution to a simple problem right away? If your computer is still connected to the Internet, a visit in person might not be necessary. For issues like correcting an email setting, addressing an error message, or troubleshooting a problem, a remote session is ideal. It allows PC Techs direct access to your computer without the delay or expense of traveling on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Support:
Q. How does Remote Support work?
A. Remote Support uses a simple program to allow PC Techs access to your computer. In a Remote Session, a PC Techs support technician can control your mouse and keyboard and see what is on your screen, it’s like they are sitting in front of your computer with you.

Q. What do I have to do to start a Remote Support Session?
A. The first step is to arrange a time with PCTECHS for the remote support session. Then, at the arranged time simply click on the link above to initiate a remote support session. When given the option, click Run twice.

Q. Are there any security concerns with the remote support utility?
A. No. The remote support tool is a stand-alone executable that doesn’t get installed on your computer. When the remote support session is complete the tool automatically is deleted from your system.

Q. Can PCTECHS access my computer without my knowledge using the remote support tool?
A. No. Access is granted on a temporary basis only when you initiate the support session from your end. The support session can be terminated from your end at any time.