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What is Full Stack Front End and Backend Development?

When it comes to web development or software development, there are two sides of the final product: frontend and backend.

  • Frontend refers to everything that the user sees and interacts with.
  • Backend, on the other hand, is that part of a website or a software application that the user cannot see. (It usually consists of the databases and infrastructure of the application.)

Software development involves both these types of development; in other words, a software designer has to code both these ends. 


However, software developers may have their own area of specialty. Some are experienced in backend development, while others may have more expertise of frontend development. 

Then there is another terminology that is equally important and that is full stack frontend and backend development. 

Now, what does that mean?   

A full stack software developer is someone who has the knowledge or experience of coding both sides of a website or a software program. Full stack developers are familiar with frontend programming languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript and they are also equipped with skills to code in languages and libraries like Ruby and Python. 

Full stack web development involves; 

  • Experience with database management 
  • Knowledge of a number of programming languages including Python, Javascript, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java
  • Knowledge of various development frameworks and libraries
  • Experience with frontend technologies like HTML5 and third party libraries like JQuery, SASS and REACT
  • Skills required for developing prototype design 
  • Experience with user interface design   

A full stack developer/engineer is able to handle any kind of web or software development project single-handedly. However, it is not an easy task to master all the skills required for full stack software development. But there are many advantages to be one as it makes the development process quite easy and straightforward. There are no waiting queues or missed appointments because one or more people on the development team are busy or absent. Everything is just more convenient.

Moreover, communication with clients can be made more effective as only a single person is handling all aspects of the project. The coder is also able to debug a fault in less time as he/she was the one who wrote it in the first place. Troubleshooting becomes difficult and tedious when a number of developers are working on the same project. 

Full stack web development is therefore something that benefits both the developer and the client.