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How to Speed Up Windows 10 (Basic)

Welcome back to another tech blog! Today we will be taking a look at how we can speed up Windows 10 for those of us that have slightly older machines or just had the unlucky occurrence of a slowed down machine. This is a basic guide meaning we will be getting into the more advanced stuff for really speeding up your machine in another post. We at PCTechs use a program called CCleaner to clean up our machines. This program cleans out the junk your machine builds up as a result of the operating system. These junk files clog up and slow down your machine.

Lets further define these junk files. Junk files are actually temporary files or “temp” files. It is a file created to hold information temporarily while a file is being created. After the program is closed, the temporary file should be deleted. They exist to help recover lost data if the program or computer is abnormally shut down. Windows has a specific temporary folder where it stores these files. One such program that stores temporary files in the temporary folder is your browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. When you visit a website, your browser receives a cookie from the website. These cookies store information about the preferences you have selected on the site – for example if you’ve chosen to see the site in English or if you’ve set your account to automatically sign in to the site. When cleaning our temporary folder or “clearing the cache”, these cookies are also cleaned out freeing up space. Have no worry though, this does not delete your Facebook account or anything…

So, where exactly does CCleaner come in this equation? There are two ways to clear out these junk files. You can do it manually – searching through folders and such to find the right location and deleting them and then emptying the recycle bin. CCleaner is an application that searches the temporary folder for these junk files and automatically deletes them for you. All at a click of a button. It also searches in other locations where these temporary files may be stored. CCleaner applies other fixes to the “registry” on the computer and cleans up other things that may slow down your computer.

Furthermore, we at PCTechs offer our 12 point tune-up service where we run this application and other fixes and tweaks to clear out any malware and double the performance of your computer.

Stay tuned for more videos and blogs on this subject going into further detail! See you soon.