Is your computer or laptop driving you nuts?

Does it have a virus? Is it running slow? Annoying you with pop-up ads? Browser keeps opening unwanted pages? Advertisementcomputerparamedicss keep running?

Let PC Techs come to you to get your computer running well again by giving it a 12-point computer Tuneup.

This is our most ordered Service and most common request by residential customers, performed several times over the last decade. We come to you to fix all of the common issues your computer can encounter. There is no need to disconnect your computer and transport it to a support centre. We offer a 12-Point Computer Checkup & Tuneup for both desktops and laptops for just $99.00.

The 12-Point Computer Tuneup Includes:

  1. Anti-Virus Software Installation and Update
  2. Virus Removal
  3. Anti-Malware Software Installation and Update
  4. Malware and Malicious Software Removal
  5. Browser Toolbar Removal
  6. Browser Add-On and Extension Removal
  7. Start-up Routine Cleaning and Optimization
  8. Temporary File Removal
  9. Unwanted Application Removal
  10. Correct Browser Settings and Search Options
  11. Registry Settings Cleanup and Correction
  12. Software Updates

remote-support laptop-repair 12-point-tuneup