We specialize in Laptop repair services and maintenance. If your laptop is running slow and is not responding to your clicks the way you are used to, then it is time to call someone to fix your laptop. Your laptop may have software or hardware problem and only professionals can find that for you. We at PCTECHS offer free estimation if you bring your laptop to our state of the art labs, we can come to your place for an onsite service if you would prefer that or we could connect to you remotely to help you with your laptop cleaning.laptopvirus

If your keyboard is not working fine, or your screen is broken or your power connector is giving you grief, we can fix all these problems for you and your laptop will start running again smoothly. We offer competitive pricing for all hardware repairs and replacements of part.

If at all your laptop is no more repairable, we can get you a replacement laptop at very competitive prices. We not only buy you a laptop that fits your requirements but also help you setting it up for you. This may include but is not limited to migrating your data from the retiring laptop onto the new one, remove all trial software that will give you grief in the life time of the new laptop, install a life time free anti-virus and other important software those are available free of cost. 

Call us for FREE estimates for all your laptop repairs. We have qualified technicians working in our state of the art lab. Some of the problems encountered by our clients are given below.

Common Software Issues

MAC OS Problems
Windows Issues
Virus Problems
Malware Issues 
Re-install Programs
WiFi Problems
Printer Issues

Common Hardware Issues

Power Connector Repairs
Broken Screen/LCD
Keyboard Replacement
Keyboard Issues
Battery Replacement
Ram Upgrades
Hard Drive Issues
 Cooling Fan Replacement

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