Computer services are required not just by individuals at home but also by companies at their office sites. Usually it is not possible to carry your computer to the repair shop because it is part of a network and there is confidential information stored on its hard disk. In these situations, it is best to hire an on-call service in which the expert technicians arrive at your location to inspect your machine, troubleshoot the problem area, and fix it right there and then. This is called an in-home computer service and it is very much in demand nowadays.

Many companies in Canada are providing such services to their clients located in different cities. Their main services revolve around areas like internet security, wireless networking, data recovery and backup, troubleshooting and repair, office setup, VOIP telephone setup, DSL modem setup, and so on. Many people require these services in their homes or offices for automation, efficient storage of data, and shared internet solutions. Networking is also a major concern for file sharing and local gaming. Some people are in need of media center setup, which they cannot accomplish by themselves. All these areas fall under the category where in-home services become inevitable.

Office relocation and setup is one daunting task that brings down even the experts. Usually it is not possible to achieve this in a single day but at times there is a requirement to shift everything as early as possible because there is a deadline coming up or a meeting to be arranged with a client. In such a situation, you can simply call up a computer service to arrive at your location and help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Data recovery and backup is another area that requires special attention because you simply can’t afford to lose precious files and important details. Efficient and timely data backup makes it possible to retrieve deleted files in issue a rollback command in case a serious error or issue occurs with the system. Then there is the area of wireless networking where you need the help of a professional. There is a single wireless router that needs to be installed in the right place so that everyone can connect to it for internet connectivity without the need for cables and expensive setup.

PC Techs is a reliable name when it comes to availing in-home computer service for any of the above-mentioned areas. They have a team of expert and qualified technicians who can do a great job for whatever service you need, whether it is a new installation, virus removal, internet security or firewall setup, software and hardware troubleshooting, repair and tune-up, and so on and so forth. You just have to dial their number, talk to one of the representatives and have them at your doorstep in a matter of minutes. The best thing about the company is that it offers all these services at highly competitive rates and so you can trust them with any problem you’re currently facing.

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