PMandBAPCTechs (A Masterplan Designs Inc. Company) 
offers Project Management and Business Analysis services at all levels. There is ever growing need of Professional Business Analysts and we are filling this void for small and medium sized businesses. The complexity of business problems keeps on increasing and you would need a professional Analyst to review problems for you to suggest the best possible solution. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge required to analyze the business problems and to suggest the best possible IT solution. The analysis is done with the advanced business analysis techniques but very effectively and seamlessly. If the analysis is done right, this will decrease rework on your project and the solution will be long-term and effective.

We undertake big projects and can provide Project Management for all your projects. Managing projects is the biggest challenge these days. Identifying a project is just the tip of an iceberg. The challenge starts at the beginning of the project and only a Professional Project Manager can get the project done in the given time. It matters most that how a project is undertaken, how the milestones are monitored, how reports are prepared and how the teams are managed for a timely delivery of any project. We are equipped with all this and are ready to provide our services.