Project Management and Business Analysis

PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) offers Project Management and Business Analysis services at all levels. There is ever growing need of Professional Business Analysts. The complexity of business problems keeps on increasing and you would need a professional Analyst to review problems for you to suggest the best possible solution. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge required to analyze the business problems and to suggest the best possible IT solution. The analysis is done with the advanced business analysis techniques but very effectively and seamlessly. If the analysis is done right, this will decrease rework on your project and the solution will be long-term and effective.

We undertake big projects and can provide Project Management for all your projects. Managing projects is the biggest challenge these days. Identifying a project is just the tip of an iceberg. The challenge starts at the beginning of the project and only a Professional Project Manager can get the project done in the given time. It matters most that how a project is undertaken, how the milestones are monitored, how reports are prepared and how the teams are managed for a timely delivery of any project. We are equipped with all this and are ready to provide our services.

All Other Services

PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) offers a full range of hardware and software IT support services for business clients.

We strive to become one-stop shop for all our Customers when it comes to their IT support requirements. Our staff is trained and is fully equipped with the skills required to deal with todays ever increasing IT problems and needs. IT Support is a highly technical profession and businesses need to take precaution when they deal with IT Support companies. We provide our customer the confidence to deal with one company that is equipped with technical knowledge and is highly professional. We at PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) stay on top of technical advancements and invest into training our staff. In this way we could provide our customers with the best possible solutions when there is a need.

Since 2002, PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) has been the reliable solution provider for:

  • Complete Office Setup and Maintenance Solutions – Whether is a brand new operation and an IT setup is required scratch or an office relocating or it’s an existing setup needing improvements. We are the IT Company to be called.
  • Secure Email Hosting and Management – A good company taking care of your email hosting and security is a key for any business. Due to competitive business culture. No business can afford their email not working properly or is hacked into. We offer email hosting at very competitive rates.
  • Server Setup and Management – Whether it is a Virtual Server that you are looking for and a physical Server setup is needed at your office PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) would be glad to provide you with best solutions according to your business needs.
  • Computer Repairs – It all starts with the simplest problem, PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) is there to help with the simplest to the most complex issues with your computers.
  • Network Management – As the technology has progressed, the networks have become easier to manage. But highly skilled people can make a huge different when you are trying to manage your network resources in the best manner. When you are trying to setup your NAS Drives for data backup and it is giving you trouble and more other unforeseen things happening on the networks. We would be glad to assist you with any Network issues and setups.
  • Cloud Backups – Having backups on your network is one way to protect your data, however if something happens in the office and the drive is damaged or is not accessible than what happens. We offer Cloud Backups to our clients for any such eventualities.
  • Hardware Upgrades, Repairs and Support – We offer all sorts of hardware upgrades at very competitive rates.
  • Firewall and Security Solutions – No one can deny the importance of securing your networks and technical resources. Ask us how to do that.
  • Backup and Recovery – We offer complete Backup and Restore services for our customers. We can setup Backup and Restore policies with the best of knowledge and suitable for our customer’s needs.
  • Software Installation and Support – You have any requirements of software being installed and configured, call us to help you with that.
  • Social Media Training – Social Media is the most powerful tool to have a presence on the web. We carry the required knowledge of Social Media to have maximum benefit from this powerful scientific tool. We can be your Social Media Company or call us to train you on these tools.
  • Networking Solutions and Maintenance – Networks are an integral part of any business, whether these are intranet or cloud based. We can help you setting up any type of networks.
  • Website Development – Presence on the web is as important as having a place to work from. All businesses these days require having a strong presence on the web to exploit the www proven powers. We have a strong team of designers and developers to help you with all website related work. We can make brand new websites for you as well as maintain and tweak your existing ones.
  • SEO and SEM –  We offer affordable packages of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to our customer. We offer periodical reports for all the work we do for our clients and there is a complete visibility provided to them.
  • Custom Software Solutions – You are having issues with the bundled software solutions available in the market and over-offering you the functionalities that you don’t even need. Get your own custom software made that is according to your own business requirements. We can develop custom software using the cutting edge technology whether this is cloud based or intranet based.
  • Hardware Resources Management – Too many hardware resources to manage? Managing them is taking too much of your real business time. Call us to manage your resources.
  • Smart Phone Training and Setup – With all these new gadgets being released by smart phone companies everyday it is becoming impossible for ordinary people to use their smart phones to their potential. We can show you wonders your devices are capable of.
  • Audio/Video Hardware Installation and Support – We can setup all audio visual devices you need in your offices at a very competitive rate.

PC Techs (Masterplan Designs Inc.) keeps computers and technical resources running in top-working condition for you and your business. Monthly affordable packages are available, contact us for more details.